An Excerpt from a 2-Volume, 1200-Page Book with 500 Photographs:

  1. Child Homelessness, by definition, involves a child that, due to family poverty or other circumstances, is displaced from a livable and protective home and forced to live on the streets, in tents, encampments, cars, etc.  

  2. Extreme Poverty, by definition, is a deficiency in the “12 Essentials for Life” and “Earning Less Than $1.25 per day”.  25% of the homeless are children (15,000 in Los Angeles). A recent UCLA survey has stated that 78% of the homeless have a mental/medical illness, substance abuse, and/ or a disability (36,000 in Los Angeles).

  3. The President can declare an Executive Order to use this CURE PROGRAM to protect these homeless children and their families.  It would be recommended that a 2-week trial be commenced.All homeless families should be provided with a large trash barrel, Andy Gump Toilets and Sinks, and warming huts.


This Program encompasses the choice of 6 different large rapidly deployed shelters and a homeless, self-employed business:


A. Shelters:

  1. “DRASH (Deployable Rapidly Assemble System) UNITS”: to get the children off the street by establishing these large portable shelters. This is a series of large, low cost, portable, multi-unit connected “DRASH UNIT PODS”


  2. Emergency“Bivvy” Sleeping Bags:  When rolled up, fits in the palm of your hand.


  3. The Haiti Dome Project: A rapidly deployed, large air-inflatable enclosed tent.


  4. The Geo-dome: a rapidly deployed 40 ft. x 20 ft. polythene enclosed shelter:


  5. The Dynamic Global RDSS or Rapid Deployment Shelter System: a rapidly deployed enclosed unit of 400 sq. ft. that can be deployed by one person in 2 minutes.


  6. LANCO (SETUPARZ45HCOLPRO):This is a very large, enclosed inflatable unit.

    These units can be setup in less than an hour, preferably by the National Guard. They can be made into very large connected Pods and have been used to accommodate many hundreds of soldiers who are provided with all of the amenities such as comfortable sleeping areas, cafeterias, heating, and ACs, bathrooms, showers, work rooms, generators, etc. Once erected and centralized, there can be numerous visiting volunteers, supervisors, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, schools, job training, etc. Volunteers would more readily visit a centralized area than individual tents on a street.

    Once completed, these DRASH and other UNITS will be a temporary transition facility. The Homeless Children, their families, the disabled, and the ill can then be first to be moved into permanent housing, when available. It is expected that some of the homeless do not want to relocate. If these include children and their families and the mental or medically ill, this would not be humane for the children nor acceptable. Where the children and their families go, the rest will follow.

B. Self-Employed Homeless Businesses

The able bodied homeless can be self- employed through dozens of minimal cost and income producing “Homeless Businesses, Inc.”. As an example, the families will be taught and trained in person and through videos to replace the “12 Essentials for Life” and “How to Start a Simple Income Producing Business”. They can collect and use cleaned and “SODIS/SOLAR sterilized items such as discarded empty plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, mirrors, cardboard, etc. to make over 50 different unique products such as:

  1. Solar stoves, solar water purification units, solar showers, aluminum can electrical and light generation units.

  2. Clothes and shoes

  3. Children’s small magic boxes, intellectual games, puzzles, and toys, etc.

These can be sold at a "Homeless Flea Market” and elsewhere. Most buyers are people who want to help the homeless but either don’t know how or don’t want to just give them money. This program shows them how to do it. The homeless, instead of begging on the streets with a cup, can now sell some of their hand made products.

I have started a “Go Fund Me” for this project. We will use these funds to extend this program. Our goal is first getting the homeless children and their families off the streets in Los Angeles, then in San Francisco and onward.


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