Dr. Hoefflin pointing out that 6 children live in this shack.

The typical shack is one room with a dirt floor, no lights, no running water, no toilets, no shower or bath and no sink. There is no refrigerator and cooking is over wood fires. The majority of the meals are tortillas and beans. The mothers eat this and are heavy, yet protein and vitamin malnourished. The shacks are dark and musty day and night. Flies and mosquitoes are prolific. Stray dogs come and go and urinate and defecate everywhere. The odor is terrible, especially for small children who have to play on the ground. At night, scorpions, bees, snakes, iguanas, and other poisonous animals climb through cracks in the walls. Many thousands of young children are bitten each year, a thousand of them died last year just from scorpion stings. We taught them to cover the bottom of the hoes at ground level and cover hole sin the walls with white plastic bags from the trash.What is more shocking is that these very conditions are not the worst. As you go up this valley, the terrible conditions for young children gets worse and worse. 50% of the population in Mexico, Latin America, and other developing countries lives in poverty. I continue to be very puzzled as to what the other 50% are doing about it!

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