Where meals are cooked for several families.

Old wood burning stoves like this cause asthma and chronic lung problems in children. These type of cooking facilities are full of flies and other insects. Any food, which is usually tortillas and beans, is pulled down by stray dogs. This dirty stove is used by 3 families. When it rains, the wood becomes wet and cannot be used.We teach them to use solar stoves and solar stills to purify water from the ocean. Despite what people think, the poor do not want to be dirty or live in unsanitary conditions.When you have less than $2 to live on, you cannot afford to buy cleaners, scrub brushes,etc. They have no wash clothes, seldom do they have soap to wash dishes. Since the torrential rainy season was approaching, we bought them a gas operated stove and plenty of cleaning items. In a very short time, the trash was raked up, the pots and pans clean, the solar stoves were out when the sun was out, and the new stove was clean and used by several of the families.

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