Dr. Steven Hoefflin Examining a Pregnant Mother

Impoverished women all over the world,living in these shanty towns , have no prenatal care. They deliver their babies at home without any anesthesia if they have a serious problem with the delivery, they, their baby, or both die. Upwards of 80% of these homes have no father or older son.. Many don't want the responsibility and leave. Many travel to other parts to work and send a little money to these poor families, siblings, and parents. Some just disappear and are never heard from again. Her young daughter in the photo was sick. I examined her and, fortunately it was not serious. Poor people rarely have clean water to drink and many of the children have serious diarrhea. 3 miilion children a year die from diarrhea and dehydration. I taught the mother the "ORS" formula. This is "Oral Replacement Solution";. Since it was developed several years ago ,there are 80% less children dying from severe diarrhea. The solution is made from sugar, salt, and a ratio of rice water. The mother continuously gives the children little cups or spoonfuls of the solution. It replaces the water and salts lost through severe diarrhea. With Cholera, just this step is life saving.

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