Dr. Steven Hoefflin visiting the shanty town slums in Acapulco, Mexico.

One billion people live in poverty. But children in these families live in severe poverty. What if there was a program that significantly improved the health and well-being of these children? What if it was simple, had no cost, and did not require government or private funding? We've done it and it is happening right now What if the mothers and children did this on their own, grouped together to pool their resources, lower their costs, and improve the living standard for their children? What if the program showed them the only supplies they needed were things discarded by other more fortunate people or in the rubbish? What if the program showed the mothers how to find and catch fish, edible birds, and animals, how to raise crops, how to build a simple solar stove to cook without wood, and how to build a simple solar still to purify drinking water from the ocean? Dr. Steven Hoefflin has implemented this program in Acapulco, Mexico.

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