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The Impoverished Children's Survival Course

Dr. Steven Hoefflin, for over 55 years inside 103 countries, has been involved in the care of approximately 175,000 extremely impoverished children, their siblings, their parents and others in their Shanty Town Slum.  He has developed a protocol as found below to help eliminate extreme childhood poverty, as an example, with a survival course.  

The Mothers and Children can easily construct the following items: 

  1. Purify drinkable contaminated water using a discarded water bottle SODIS purification technique

  2. Purify drinkable ocean water using a no cost easy to construct solar still

  3. How to construct fish and small animal traps for food.

  4. Construct a solar stove to cook.

  5. Rapidly construct a home shelter using wire connected dirt filled discarded water bottles and discarded plastic trash bags.

  6. Rapidly construct a clean, warm water shower.

  7. Rapidly construct a clean closed toilet system.

  8. Construct a simple mosquito and insect trap.

  9. Make a simple battery.

  10. Construct a stray dog cart to transport heavy items including damaged building debris.

  11. Rapidly create a Mini-Homeschooling Program and Mini-game Center for Extremely Impoverished Children

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