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  • Dr. Steven Hoefflin

A Successful Technique That Gives Continuous Protection Against Lethal Viral Infections

My 55 years of Medical Research at UCLA and International Care of over 175,000 extremely impoverished children and their families in 103 countries has taught me a lot about Childhood Shanty Town infections. 50% of these people have no access to medical care and 23% of the children have a serious, often fatal, seasonal Influenza-A infection. In Virology, Influenza-A is thought of as the Twin Like Sister of SARS-COV-2. This large experience has shown me and my team that the vast majority of deadly viruses enter the body through a small, leaking upper mask funnel then directly into the nose during inhalation. These leaks are located where the upper part of the mask joins the upper side of the nose and this opening is exposed during exhalation.

Closed-Mouth Coughing

In Shanty Towns that do not have masks, children and adults are taught to cough and sneeze against a closed mouth. They can either swallow or spit out the accumulated mucus.

A Nasal Filter Insert

95% of the viruses enter the nose and pass deeply into the lungs where they attach onto the alveolar epithelial cells and then extensively reproduce. The nasal-filter insert is made with 2 small pieces of thin newspaper the size of half a thumb, with a drop of hand sanitizer. Kleenex now makes a anti-viral tissue that can also be used that kills 99.9% of viruses in the tissue. They are placed over the blunt end of a pencil eraser, are shaped like parachute, and then gently inserted into the nostrils.

I was taught by the Tarahumara Indians in Chihuahua, Mexico, who have a documented cure for Influenza-A using Black Tobacco. These viral infections are accompanied by intense inflammatory reactions. These occur all the way down the viral infection line resulting in a dramatic inflammatory cytokine storm that usually kills those that are infected. The Indians who were originally taught by Missionaries and Mother Theresa took 5 very powerful anti-inflammatory plant leaves, boiled down into a steam-vapor that was inhaled deeply into their lungs. This was repeated several times per day until the patients that were infected got better.

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