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He is the World-Authority on Children Living in Extreme Poverty Inside Shanty Town Slums and has a very successful program to cure the disease of poverty. 


Over the last 59 years, he and his team have traveled to 114 different poor countries, treating and caring for 175,000 children and their mothers living in Shanty Town Slums in extreme poverty. 

He has been using his successful innovative techniques along with the help of Mother Teresa and other mothers, to cure children living with the disease of extreme poverty.  He plans to successfully treat and cure this disease in three years in Mexico and in the World in 8 years.  He has already been doing this all over the world with great success.  


Please see video below to the end (video is 2 1/2 minutes long) :

The Dr. Steven Hoefflin, MD Survival Course for Children Living in Extreme Poverty

1.  Purify contaminated water using a discarded water bottle solar purification OTIS technique

In addition, Solar Water Distillers, made from a diagram, can purify ocean water. These are constructed using large plastic water bottles, discarded silicone, flat glass and copper tubing from old cars, wood, and black plastic bags. The purification of ocean water will allow the future possibility of severely impoverished communities to move on to unused arid shorelines in Mexico for a better place and a better life. 

To purify water using the OTIS technique, a plastic water bottle filled with contaminated water can be filtered through a T-shirt. The bottle is then placed in the sunlight for 6 hours and it destroys 99% of bacteria, parasites, and viruses due to UV light and heat. 






The OTIS Technique Instructions:

  1. Gather 4 empty plastic water bottles.  On two of the bottles, cut off the bottoms to make two cups.

  2. Fill the first cup with any available water from a tap or even a flooded street.

  3. Cover a second cup with a piece of cloth from a shirt or sheet.

  4. Pour the water from the first cup over the cloth covering the second cup. Repeat this until the visible debris and turbidity is decreased. This can be repeated several times.

  5. Pour the contents into two of the plastic bottles and cap them.

  6. Lay the bottles in the sun for a full day. The ultraviolet light from the sun  and the heat will kill the bacteria or other organisms in the water.


2.  Purify drinkable ocean water using a no-cost, easy to construct solar still. A smaller unit can be made by using two glass coke bottles connected together in a sand trough. The lower bottle containing contaminated water is heated and the steam will flow into the upper bottle, condensing, and resulting in pure water. 

3. How to construct fish and small animal traps for food.

4.  Construct a solar stove to cook: 

Solar stoves are made from cardboard and aluminum foil or broken mirrors using a diagram. It is not necessary to use big stoves or open fires. These solar stoves can be used to easily boil water.

5. Rapidly construct a home shelter using wire connected dirt filled discarded water bottles and discarded plastic trash bags: 

In a Shanty Town Slum, the local trash dump can become a construction department store. Small homes can be made from plastic bag-covered cardboard, with floors covered with plastic bags, old towels, and carpeting.  These can be sterilized by placing them in the sun for 6-8 hours. Good examples can be seen on YouTube. 

Below is shown how to take discarded plastic bags, tie them together with strips of plastic and make them into large waterproof sheets to protect their huts from wind and rain.  Their shantytown huts can be reinforced using mud bricks made from wet newspaper, dirt, and small stones compressed in a wood mold, and tightly encased in a plastic bag. 

Their huts are made leak proof, more attractive, and the dirt floors are covered using woven plastic bag sheets of various colors. The outside can be painted with attractive designs that are often appreciated by the local community. They are trained in making a large temporary dry tent placed over a protected area, which the children can use as a play area in sunny weather. 

The 4-6 mothers who group together in a Lion Pride can connect their homes together, resulting in a larger multi-room home.  We have constructed Mother-Child orphanages which have been successful Mother-Child friendly and is an example of one of Dr. Hoefflin's techniques to cure the disease of Extreme Childhood Poverty. 

6. Rapidly construct a clean, warm water shower:

Solar heated showers are made from large suspended water filled plastic bags​

7. Rapidly construct a clean closed toilet system:

​Compost toilets are made from trash barrels with a hole cut on the side, ½ buried, and a soft toilet seat is made from a small bicycle tire. The toilets are filled halfway with compost consisting of leaves, twigs, plants, and the kitchen scraps (without meat).

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to fill up.

8. Construct a simple mosquito and insect trap

9. Make a simple battery: 

From a diagram, they construct vertical windmills, use a car generator, battery, wires, and indoor and outdoor lights to illuminate several of their homes. They make a backup generator from an old car engine and the same parts. When the solar industry is more active in Mexico, they can be taught how to make solar panels from discarded broken panel parts obtained from a manufacturer.

paragraph. Batteries can be constructed from discarded batteries and electrical units found in trash dumps. 

10. Construct a stray dog cart to transport heavy items, including damaged building debris:

11. Rapidly create a mini-homeschooling program and Mini-game Center for Severely Impoverished Children


Dr. Steven Hoefflin, for over 59 years inside 127 countries, has been involved in the care of approximately 175,000 extremely impoverished children and their families in their Shanty Town Slum. 


Dr. Steven Hoefflin started his Extreme Child Poverty Program in the backyard of his family's home in South East Los Angeles with his Mother Gloria, his Grandmother Teresa Margarita, Mother Teresa and Aunt and were given food, cookies and milk to the Homeless Hobo Children.  Mother Teresa told everyone "that if anyone cares for my poorest of the poor children, they will experience miraculous events in their lives". All of the mothers and Dr. Hoefflin present experienced numerous, miraculous events since then, during their whole life. 

Watching over them was a statue of the Virgin Mary holding her Christ Child. In Mexico and all over the World, Drug Cartels and Gangs will rarely attack a mother and her children. This is especially true in countries where there are statues of the Virgin Mary holding her Christ Child. 

The work with children living in extreme poverty progressed to the huge slums and trash dumps where children and their mothers lived on the outskirts of Mexico City, Guadalajara, and in the hills of Acapulco. Over a period of time, there were numerous top-level celebrities that accompanied Dr. Hoefflin with his work. They helped to bring to the local politician's attention, the fate of these impoverished children and once a higher-level celebrity walked into their offices in various cities, the doors flew open and they agreed to help cure the children of the terrible disease of Extreme Poverty.  Dr. Hoefflin ultimately had 700 top level celebrities in his practice that were also his close friends, many of them accompanied other top celebrities while they were on tour, such as Michael Jackson, who Dr. Hoefflin cared for because he became very dehydrated during his dancing performances, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Janet Jackson, Julio Iglesias and many others. Not only did they assist the Doctor in dealing with the local government, but most of them actually visited the Shanty Town Slums handing out their personal memorabilia to the excited children. 

This expansive program is initially a 12-step survival program and including an additional training program that is taught to and run by a small groups of motivated mothers and children formed into a Lion Pride who teach then teach other impoverished mothers in a 3X Algorithm communication.


This program has not required government support. It has been self financed from the start by Dr. Hoefflin and then together with Mrs. Pamela Hoefflin. Instead of monetary donations, a bartering system was established where the Shanty Towns would be given things instead of money. 

Dr. Hoefflin has given prenatal, pediatric, medical care, reconstructive surgery, and his fabulous educational "Brain Train" Memory and other courses to these Shanty Town communities.

A Successful Technique That Gives Continuous Protection Against
Lethal Viral Infections

My 55 years of Medical Research at UCLA and International Care of over 175,000 extremely impoverished children and their families in 103 countries has taught me a lot about Childhood Shanty Town infections. 50% of these people have no access to medical care and 23% of the children have a serious, often fatal, seasonal Influenza-A infection. In Virology, Influenza-A is thought of as the Twin Like Sister of SARS-COV-2. This large experience has shown me and my team that the vast majority of deadly viruses enter the body through a small, leaking upper mask funnel then directly into the nose during inhalation. These leaks are located where the upper part of the mask joins the upper side of the nose and this opening is exposed during exhalation. 

Closed-Mouth Coughing
In Shanty Towns that do not have masks, children and adults are taught to cough and sneeze against a closed mouth. They can either swallow or spit out the accumulated mucus.

A Nasal Filter Insert

95% of the viruses enter the nose and pass deeply into the lungs where they attach onto the alveolar epithelial cells and then extensively reproduce. The nasal-filter insert is made with 2 small pieces of thin newspaper the size of half a thumb, with a drop of hand sanitizer.  Kleenex now makes a anti-viral tissue that can also be used that kills 99.9% of viruses in the tissue. They are placed over the blunt end of a pencil eraser, are shaped like parachute, and then gently inserted into the nostrils.

I was taught by the Tarahumara Indians in Chihuahua, Mexico, who have a documented cure for Influenza-A using Black Tobacco. These viral infections are accompanied by intense inflammatory reactions. These occur all the way down the viral infection line resulting in a dramatic inflammatory cytokine storm that usually kills those that are infected. The Indians who were originally taught by Missionaries and Mother Theresa took 5 very powerful anti-inflammatory plant leaves, boiled down into a steam-vapor that was inhaled deeply into their lungs. This was repeated several times per day until the patients that were infected got better.

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Child Poverty Project

Dr. Hoefflin's CV, Publications and Bibliography

This manuscript is an excerpt from a soon-to-be-published book entitled:
“Solutions To 50 Of The World’s Worst  Problems Affecting Our Children”

Coming Soon:

“The Journal of Medical and Surgical Celebrity Murder Investigations:
Who Really Did It, How Did They Do It, And Who Covered It Up”

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