This is a poor, impoverished girl in Mexico.

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Dr. Steven Hoefflin
Dr. Steven Hoefflin

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Dr. Steven Hoefflin, for over 53 year inside 103 countries, has been involved in the care of approximately 65,000 extremely impoverished children, their siblings, their parents and others in their Shanty Town Slum.  He has developed a protocol as found below to help eliminate extreme childhood poverty, as an example, with a survival course. 

Video of the Extremely Impoverished Community:

The Impoverished Children's Survival Course

The Mothers and Children can easily construct the following items: 

  1. Purify drinkable contaminated water using a discarded water bottle SODIS purification technique

  2. Purify drinkable ocean water using a no cost easy to construct solar still

  3. How to construct fish and small animal traps for food.

  4. Construct a solar stove to cook.

  5. Rapidly construct a home shelter using wire connected dirt filled discarded water bottles and discarded plastic trash bags.

  6. Rapidly construct a clean, warm water shower.

  7. Rapidly construct a clean closed toilet system.

  8. Construct a simple mosquito and insect trap.

  9. Make a simple battery.

  10. Construct a stray dog cart to transport heavy items including damaged building debris.

  11. Rapidly create a Mini-Homeschooling Program and Mini-game Center for Extremely Impoverished Children

1.  Purify drinkable contaminated water using a discarded water bottle solar purification technique: 

Solar Water Distillers, made from a diagram, can purify ocean water. These are constructed using large plastic water bottles, discarded silicone, flat glass and copper tubing from old cars, wood, and black plastic bags. The purification of ocean water will allow the future possibility of severely impoverished communities to move on to unused arid shorelines in Mexico for a better place and a better life. 

To purify water, a plastic water bottle filled with contaminated water can be filtered through a T-shirt. The bottle is then placed in the sunlight for 6 hours and it destroys 99% of bacteria, parasites, and viruses due to UV light and heat. 


  1. Gather 4 empty plastic water bottles.  On two of the bottles, cut off the bottoms to make two cups.

  2. Fill the first cup with any available water from a tap or even a flooded street.

  3. Cover a second cup with a piece of cloth from a shirt or sheet.

  4. Pour the water from the first cup over the cloth covering the second cup. Repeat this until the visible debris and turbidity is decreased. This can be repeated several times.

  5. Pour the contents into two of the plastic bottles and cap them.

  6. Lay the bottles in the sun for a full day. The ultraviolet light from the sun  and the heat will kill the bacteria or other organisms in the water.


2.  Purify drinkable ocean water using a no-cost, easy to construct solar still

3. How to construct fish and small animal traps for food.

4.  Construct a solar stove to cook: 

Solar stoves are made from cardboard and aluminum foil or broken mirrors using a diagram. It is not necessary to use big stoves or open fires. These solar stoves can be used to easily boil water.

5. Rapidly construct a home shelter using wire connected dirt filled discarded water bottles and discarded plastic trash bags: 

They are shown how to take discarded plastic bags, tie them together with strips of plastic and make them into large waterproof sheets to protect their huts from wind and rain.  Their shantytown huts can be reinforced using bricks made from wet newspaper, dirt, and small stones compressed in a wood mold, and tightly encased in a plastic bag. 

Their huts are made leak proof, more attractive, and the dirt floors are covered using woven plastic bag sheets of various colors. They are trained in making a large temporary dry tent placed over a protected area, which the children can use as a play area in sunny weather or in the torrential rains.

The 4-6 mothers who group together can, if possible, connect their homes in this type of large tent. By joining together, they can have a larger multi-room home.  They can share in their resources, markedly decrease their costs, have more common sleeping space for the children, and work with the program.

6. Rapidly construct a clean, warm water shower:

Solar heated showers are made from large suspended water filled plastic bags​

7. Rapidly construct a clean closed toilet system:

​Compost toilets are made from trash barrels with a hole cut on the side, ½ buried, and a soft toilet seat is made from a small bicycle tire. The toilets are filled halfway with compost consisting of leaves, twigs, plants, and the kitchen scraps (without meat).

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to fill up.

8. Construct a simple mosquito and insect trap

9. Make a simple battery: 

From a diagram, they construct vertical windmills, use a car generator, battery, wires, and indoor and outdoor lights to illuminate several of their homes. They make a backup generator from an old car engine and the same parts. When the solar industry is more active in Mexico, they can be taught how to make solar panels from discarded broken panel parts obtained from a manufacturer.


10. Construct a stray dog cart to transport heavy items, including damaged building debris:

11. Rapidly create a mini-homeschooling program and Mini-game Center for Severely Impoverished Children

Dr. Steven Hoefflin started his Child Poverty Program in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1968.  It expanded to communities in Mexico City where residents live in trash dumps and in the shanty towns on the outskirts of Acapulco and numerous states in Mexico.


This expansive program is a 12-step survival training program that is run by small groups of motivated mothers and children who teach other impoverished families. It does not require government support nor large funding. The communities provide themselves with food, clean water, clothing, and other supplies by using these skills and a unique home donation program. 


Dr. Hoefflin has given prenatal, pediatric, medical care, reconstructive surgery, his educational "Brain Train" program to these communities. Dr. and Mrs. Hoefflin have not received any money but have donated close to $2 million including food, clothing, medication and household items to this unique program.

A New, Free And Successful Technique That Gives 98% Continuous Protection Against Covid-19 Infections While Out In Public


My 53 years of Medical Research and Global Care of over 65,000 extremely impoverished children and their families in 103 countries has taught me a lot about infections. 50% of these people have no access to medical care and 23%, especially the children, have a serious seasonal Influenza infection. In Virology, Influenza-A is the Twin Like Sister of Covid-19. This large experience has shown me and my team that the vast majority of Covid-19 viruses enter the body through small leaking upper mask funnels and tunnels that are flat, but exposed, during the respiratory cycle. These leaks are located where the upper part of the mask joins the upper side of the nose and are exposed during exhalation. 


Upon inspiration, the funnel acts like a valve and the virus laden mucus is then sucked into the funnel, travels ¾ inch down the tunnel under the side of the nose where it meets the cheek, and is easily sucked deeply into the nose. The nose needs to be blocked before the viruses gets inside the body as recent studies have found that once inside the body, the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus can rapidly spread to the heart and brain, and some remain inside to cause problems repeatedly.  Medications and vaccines may kill the viruses, but only after they are inside the body, and this may be too late as the virus is already inside.  We need to “Double Team” the viruses with a football like “Block and Tackle” maneuver. The nose is Blocked, and a face mask is Tackled down on top to seal the deal. That gives up to 98% protection from the virus.


The protection (up to 98%) is provided by two very simple techniques that take 2 minutes to prepare: The Nasal Filter Inserts (N.F.I.). See below as my friend Tom Brady thought that this was N.F.L.


These are made with 2 pieces of triple layered Kleenex lightly dampened with 2-3 drops of hand sanitizer. (Kleenex has a new ‘Anti-Viral Tissue” that kills 99.9% of viruses in the tissue).  It is then inserted over a clean index finger and placed into the nostril until comfortably packed and breathable.  If not, it can be removed with a small spread paperclip, more loosely packed, and reinserted.  The mask may not be needed at home, but the nasal insert will still give protection.






No one likes to think about those sneaky little viruses riding on a Magic Carpet Mucus Droplet that is sucked into their noses and then passes deep into their lungs to hurt or kill them from the inside out.


By using the Internal Mucus Trap Technique (“I.M.T.T.”), these coughed or sneeze expelled viruses that are floating on mucus droplets can be tackled and trapped inside the mouth behind clenched teeth. The deep viruses irritate the respiratory tract and the individual will feel a need to cough or sneeze. In that moment, one can clench down and close their teeth and mouth which will block any mucus that would be leaving the mouth. Tom Brady and Dr. Neal ElAttrache would be very happy to see that the NFL’s slimy enemy can be tackled and kept out of play. Maybe they both can get this message to the world before the Super Bowl Parties and to all the extremely impoverished children in the World, of which 50% do not have access to Medical Care and no access to this life saving technique. 


As this trapped mucus has already been inside people’s mouths, they can keep it in their mouths where oral and parotid enzymes will also kill some the viruses. They can swallow the mucus where the viruses will be killed by stomach acid or they can spit it into a toilet or sink and wash them down the drain. This is better than coughing into an elbow, where it can rub off and contaminate others


This manuscript is an excerpt from a soon to be published book entitled:


“Solutions To 50 Of The World’s Worst  Problems Affecting Our Children”

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